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Does anyone else wish the world would leave the McCann’s alone?  It is clear their baby girl was taken….. Look at how much they’ve aged? True heartbreak is written across them. They are ruined emotionally and financially.  I just hope the police keep searching…. She’s out there somewhere.

Ever tired of it all? I feel tired of not having enough money. Tired that I feel like others have it all and we don’t. tired of not knowing what is ‘real’ in the sense, do others really have it all? We live in an affluent area. However, I am a wage earner and a single parent. I work all hours god gave and there is never enough money. It’s funny because you just don’t know. But nearly everyone is talking renovations, two shiny cars and overseas holidays BUT…. the teachers are seeing more and more behavioural issues. Every second child is on ‘the spectrum’, parents are never home and the divorce rate and mental illness stats are through the roof… Does any one think what I think? Perhaps we are going wrong somewhere.

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I want to blog- I hope I am half way decent at it.  I am sick of the rat race but don’t want to opt out so I’m just going to make comments .  I live in the beautiful city of Canberra.  Sometimes I feel like the only struggling single parent.  If I have one more couple tell me about their knock down rebuild I’ll scream….what happened to being poor when your kids are small?

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